What is RPAC?

The RPAC (Realtors Political Action Committee) is a political action committee established by the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors® (PRAR) to support candidates and legislators who defend the interests of the real estate industry in Puerto Rico.

The RPAC operates as an independent organization that collects funds from PRAR members and uses them to make political campaign contributions and support candidates who support pro-real estate policies and laws.

In addition to fundraising and candidate support, the RPAC is also dedicated to educating PRAR members on political issues and fostering citizen participation in the political process in Puerto Rico.

Become a Major Investor!

As a political action committee of the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors® (PRAR), the RPAC receives contributions from members of the PRAR who wish to support its mission of promoting policies and laws favorable to the real estate sector in Puerto Rico.

Therefore, a “major investor” of the RPAC would be a member of the PRAR who has made a significant contribution to the committee in terms of money. In general, members who contribute more than the average amount are considered “largest investors”.

RPAC “major investors” are typically individuals or companies involved in real estate who have a vested interest in influencing policies and regulations that affect their business. By contributing funds to the RPAC, these members can support candidates and legislators who advocate for the real estate industry and help ensure their voices are heard in the political process.

Dear REALTORS® in Puerto Rico, Your investment in RPAC will allow us to defend our interests, promote favorable policies, and ensure a conducive environment for our industry. Every investment counts, regardless of its size. Your contribution will have a significant impact and will provide you with exclusive benefits, such as access to real estate-related events and resources. For more information or to ask questions, please contact us. We look forward to your participation and support in RPAC! Please below login to proceed to checkout.