As an applicant, you will be granted full PRAR primary REALTOR® member rights and privileges once you have paid your initial fees and dues (payable at the time of application submission).

New Member Dues & Fees

The Application Fees & Dues Schedule shows the application fees with REALTOR® dues and Stellar MLS set-up fees with Stellar MLS Participation Fees.

  • Your annual dues are due by December 31st each year. (Primary members are those who pay their state and national dues through PRAR and whose principal broker also holds membership in PRAR. Secondary membership is available only to REALTORS® who already hold primary membership in another association.)

  • Stellar MLS annual Renewal is due May 31 of each year.

Additionally, within 60 days of your payment, you must complete the required New Member Orientation and Ethics class and Stellar MLS training classes.

New Member Orientation and Ethics class is a live or online class at PRAR.

Stellar MLS classes can be taken online training class at Stellar MLS, registration is completed by the new member through the Stellar MLS portal(

Returning Member Dues & Fees

Membership dues shall be prorated for any licensee included on a certification form submitted to the association who during the same calendar year applies for REALTOR® membership in the association.

However, membership dues shall not be prorated if the licensee held REALTOR® membership during the preceding calendar year.

Review the Dues and Fees Schedules before proceeding with the membership application process.

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Renewal Process

The Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS® invites all REALTORS® in Puerto Rico
to start your 2022 membership renewal process.

Remember that you have the right to the “Board of Choice” in other words, you can join the chapter of your choice. It is your right!

  1. Renewal Request for your preferred board (Complete in all fields and duly signed)
  2. Copy of Driver’s License or Passport – Valid
  3. Certificate of Good Conduct (Last 30 days)
  4. Copy of Real Estate Broker or Seller License – Valid
  5. Merchant Registration – Current
  6. Negative DACO Certification – (Last 30 days)
  7. Letter of “Good Standing” from the company you work for (Example: ReMax, KW, Reality Realty, among others)

Total $ 405.00
(Includes: $ 95.00 Board, $ 110.00 PRAR, $ 185.00 NAR, $ 15.00 RPAC)